“Buy A Bag & Drop A Dream In It” ~ Raquel Denise 💋
“Buy A Bag & Drop A Dream In It” ~ Raquel Denise 💋
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Taste The Rainbow 🌈

Taste The Rainbow

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978 South Clinton Ave
Rochester, NY 14620


Sunday/Monday - Closed

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 3PM -8PM

Friday/Saturday - 12PM - 9PM

 *All orders fulfilled in 7 -10 business days.

Our Mission

Since a child,  fashion has been apart of my life, especially handbags. While completing my Master’s degree, I began searching for my passion and soon after birthed “Raquel Denise Handbags”. 

My mission is to provide affordable handbags for the fashionable, feisty, fierce, passionate, and driven everyday woman. The woman who works 9-5, the woman who is a stay at home Mom, a student, an artist or a woman just living in her purpose. Whatever your desire and purpose,  I have a handbag for you. 

~Raquel Denise 💋